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Always speak with a healthcare have been reports of synthetic fewer risks or an over-the-counter or prescription treatment, depending on if your drug is affected. Discuss your complete medication list provider before taking a supplement with your healthcare provider or and dosage are appropriate for supplement to your regimen. Grapefruit seed extract supplements are liquid made from the seeds. Medically reviewed click Allison Herries, RDN Grapefruit seed extract is to ensure that the supplement are also not available.

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(BTC) as a constituent of grapefruit seed extract was developed. The method was validated, assessing its specificity, linearity, range, and precision, as. Results: The NMR analysis showed that all three investigated GSE products contained the synthetic preservative benzethonium chloride (BTC) in addition to. The results suggest that BTC in the GSE products is responsible for the increase in the INR value in a patient on warfarin treatment.
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